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User guides for many of the features of the textivate site... (N.B. All links open in a new tab or window.)

Getting started

For students

    Overview - What can I do with textivate?


    Making your own resources


    Submitting homework / classwork / assessment -- Sequences

    Adding more: TTS / video / audio / big picture / parallel text / exclusions

    Assigning, sharing & embedding

    Text-to-speech (TTS)

    Textivate Plus

    • Textivate Plus is a growing section of the textivate site containing ready-made textivate resources which can only be accessed by textivate subscribers:


    • There are several blog posts which deal with printing worksheets, but this one is the most comprehensive and includes video tutorials as well as links to example worksheets.

    User-defined gap-fill

    Textivate resource types: Public / Shareable / Private / MySite


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    thank you for this useful site for learning english
    I really want to try it.
    Sound exciting! I'll give it a try.
    Does activitae support non-western languages like Arabic?
    Textivate works with some non-roman-script languages better than others. The problem with arabic is that it is a right-to-left language (so it doesn't work well). This blog post looks at some of the limitations for the use of textivate with character languages such as Chinese:
    I do find this website a truly fruitful and invaluable platform for ELT professionals to air their views and share their ideas
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