New Year's Resolutions, FRENCH (a resource blog)

Some textivate resources for ks3 or ks4 French, based on these TaskMagic resources.

The contents for the resources are:
- Je vais...
- Je ne vais pas...
- J'ai l'intention de...
- Je vais essayer de...
+ a range of infinitive expressions

The resources are appropriate for KS3 or KS4 pupils as a way of practising the simple future within the context of the New Year.

2014 - año del selfie

Suitable for AS Spanish?

Here is the resource on textivate:

See the pdf resources below - plenty of sequencing activities to choose from, plus a gapfill, a separate the words activity, and anagrams text, an initials text and a fill in the vowels text.

Here's a link to the full article, from which an extract was taken for the resources below:

Here are those 11 pdfs (in no particular order):

Printing textivate worksheets in Internet Explorer

Previously, worksheet printing in IE didn't really work on textivate.

It's fixed now :0)

You now get the activity opening in a new screen, with a print button.

You can click the print button to print the content, OR right-click the page and choose "Print preview" if you want to change the margins, zoom etc and remove dates, headers, footers etc.

It works great on the versions of IE that I've tried it on.

The print preview feature with the zoom etc means you can get much more precise worksheets than you can even with Google Chrome!

Angleterre 1 - 2 Italie (a match report in simple French)

Here is the French text. (This can be used along with the Find the French pdf below):

Angleterre 1-2 Italie

Le samedi 14 juin l'Angleterre a joué contre l'Italie. L'Italie est une équipe très forte et on attendait un match difficile. Les deux équipes ont très bien joué mais c'est l'Italie qui a remporté la victoire.

On a commencé le match très fort et Raheem Sterling a très bien joué. Il a presque marqué un but après trois minutes! Puis deux minutes plus tard une frappe puissante d'Henderson a été repoussée par le gardien italien, Sirigu.

Mais c'est l'Italie qui a marqué le premier but à la 35e minute - Andrea Pirlo a laissé passer le ballon pour Claudio Marchisio qui a marqué d'un tir superbe des 20 mètres.

L'Angleterre a répondu tout de suite: moins de deux minutes plus tard Sturridge a marqué l'égaliseur sur un excellent centre de Wayne Rooney, et à la mi-temps le score était de 1-1.

Pendant la deuxième mi-temps l'Angleterre a très bien joué. On avait beaucoup d'occasions de buts, et on aurait dû marquer plus de buts. Mais Balotelli a marqué le seul but de la deuxième mi-temps à la 50e minute grâce à un centre de Candreva. Andrea Pirlo a presque marqué un troisième pour l'Italie dans le temps additionnel, quand son coup franc a trouvé la barre transversale de Joe Hart.

C'est un résultat décevant parce qu'on a très bien joué. Ce qui est sûr, c'est que le match contre l'Uruguay sera très difficile parce qu'ils ont perdu eux aussi leur premier match. Pour l'équipe qui perd ce prochain match, c'est fini!

And here is the English translation. (Can be used as support for any of the text-based pdfs below):

Les punitions de Bart

I had the text for this resource in a TaskMagic3 file. I'm not sure where it came from originally, but it's probably from one of several sites that list all of Bart's "lines" as they appear on the blackboard at the beginning of The Simpsons in French. e.g.

It's a great resource for focusing on negative structures, as well as for future tense practice (along with revision of other tenses).

Here is the resource on textivate: with a parallel text.

It has the text of 18 "punitions" plus translations below. (About 60 activities in total).

It's dead easy to create similar resources in minutes with textivate.

I've included some of the worksheets below, printed straight from the textivate screens:
(See this blog post on worksheet printing with textivate)

Cendrillon (Cinderella)

Some textivate resources based on a French story in parallel text form, one of the many fabulous free resources available on : -- It really is worth subscribing for access to 100s of French printable resources for all levels.

About 60 interactive textivate resources based on the story and the parallel sentences here:

And some pdfs below:

(Note that the pdf is 23 pages long and contains a variety of resources printed from textivate, intended to give a flavour of the sort of things you can do with textivate):

La crisis y el consumo navideño en España

The pdfs below were printed from this resource on textivate:

The resource in the above link contains about 30 interactive exercises all based on the one text.

The text is about the effect of the crisis on consumers in Spain, and it was taken from this article on the Eroski Consumer website - - which goes on to give consumers ideas for spending less at Christmas.

The worksheets below were printed using Google Chrome's 'save as pdf' feature (via the 'Print worksheet' button on the textivate screens.) This blog post talks more about worksheet printing on textivate.