Making a reading resource with multiple choice matching to check / reinforce comprehension.

This link opens the activity shown in the image above:

This is a cool way of checking and reinforcing understanding of key elements of a text. In this case it is a very short text, but the same principle could easily apply to any text.

What we have here is essentially a reading activity with a multiple choice matching activity. Note the following:

  1. The questions in the activity appear in their original sequence. This is so that the vocab appears in the same order that it appears in the text itself, allowing the student to work their way through the text whilst answering the vocab question. (I did this by fine-tuning the url above, as explained in this blogpost.)

  2. I've added "incorrect" answers for all of the questions / matches in the activity. This is so that it isn't simply a case of selecting an obvious answer from a random list. (See this blogpost about adding wrong answers to multiple choice activities.)

  3. The activity is protected, so the student can't get the information about which answers are correct by simply going to the menu or edit screens. (See this blog post on protected resources.)

  4. The student doesn't have to read the text to be able to do the activity -  they could simply treat it as a multiple choice matching activity. BUT, the matching activity done along with the text - with the matching items appearing in their original sequence - can be used to guide students towards an understanding of the text (or can certainly clear up any misunderstandings).

  5. Following on from point 4, this reading activity could even be used as a precursor to one or more translation activties, such as this one...

  6. ...or included in a sequence, such as the one on the link below, which includes matching, text-reconstruction, gap-filling and translation:

See the textivate user guides for all sorts of other help and info about the asorts of things you can do with textivate resources.