Automatic word clouds in textivate (Sort of)

You may have come across this blog post based on using an image of a wordcloud to support a textivate resource.

Well I think that, essentially, the main benefit of a wordcloud is that it provides the student with a record of all of the words in the text, so that they have a reference for spelling, and so that if they are doing an activity such as the one shown in the above image, they can look at the list if they are stuck on a particular word.

Then this got me thinking that it would be even better if the list was in alphabetical order...

So I thought it would be cool to add a button or something into textivate so that with one click you can get an alphabetical list of all of the unique words in your text. I added a link to the "Extras" tab:

Simply click the link to add a word list.

As you can see in the first image above, what you end up with is a resource with a parallel text featuring an alphabetical list of all of the words in the text.

What do you think? Good eh?

Here is a link to the above activity: [click here to open the activity in a new tab or window]