Share links with classes / My resources for individual student log-ins

Sharing links with classes

If you are logged on as a teacher on textivate, AND you have one or more classes set up (via the Classes menu), you can click on the share icon on any textivate page, fine-tune the link in whatever way you like, and share this link with one or more of your classes.

(If you are not familiar with the share icon and sharing links on textivate, see this blog post.)

(If you are not familiar with the concept of fine-tuning links on textivate, see this blog post.)

When you click the share icon (and presuming you are logged in as a teacher and you have one or more classes set up) you will see a "Share with class" button next to the Twitter and Facebook share buttons, as shown below:

Click on this button to see a list of all of your classes. You can select one or more of your classes and then click "Share" to share the current link with them. The link can be a resource menu link, a sequence link, an activity, with or without  a parallel text, video etc. See  the example below, which is for a udgapfill activity:

The "Share with class" button is also available for Challenges, via the Challenge menu, as shown below:

Reviewing links shared with classes

You can review all links shared with your classes via the Classes menu. If you have shared links with a class, you will see a "Show assigned links" link below the class list:

Click on this to view the links shared with your class. It shows the most recently shared links at the top of the list.

As you can see in the image above, there is an "Edit" button for the class. This allows you to modify the student list and assigned passwords. It also allows you to delete assigned links. After deleting links, click on "Save" to save the changes to the class:

How do students access these links?

When your students are logged in to textivate using their individual log-ins (i.e. not the shared student password), when they click on the "Search" icon on either the home page or the menu page, they should see this:

If they click on "My resources", they will see the list of links that you have shared with them, most recent first:

These links take them directly to the resource menu, activity, sequence or challenge that you have shared with them.