Add "Find the French" (or Spanish etc) to your Text+Match resource

If you create a textivate resource which includes a text plus matching - as outlined in this blog post - it's dead easy to add a "Find the French" (or Spanish, German, Italian, Latin or whatever) activity, with just a couple of clicks.

So if you have a Text + Match activity such as this... on the extras tab...

...and select the check box to include the main text - i.e. your resource text - along with the matching activities:

This adds a few lines of code to your resource as it appears in the "Show all" text box. (Click on the save changes icon to save your resource if it is already uploaded.)

The result is that your main resource text is added as a parallel text to accompany any matching activities. So if you go to the "Fill in the letters activity", for example, you'll see a parallel text icon at the top:

Click this icon to make your activity appear along with the main text. It looks something like this:

This is essentially a "Find the French" activity: the students have to find the French translations in the text!!

Here is a live example for the above activity (NB. I've fine-tuned the link so that the questions always appear in random order):

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