How to make vocab / matching exercises in textivate

1. Click on the 'new' button to clear the textboxes on the textivate front page.

2. Click on the "Match" tab.

3. Inside the "Match box" type your 'left' and 'right' matching items, one matching pair per line, with matching items separated by ==
(Tip: you can use Tab or Enter to automatocally add the == or the line return as appropriate)

That's it.

Here's an example of what the text would look like in the "Show all" text box before you press the 'textivate now' button. (In the "Match" box you won't see the ###Match### at the beginning - just the matching items):

a house==une maison
a flat==un appartement
a living room==un salon
a dining room==une salle à manger
a kitchen==une cuisine
a bedroom==une chambre
a bathroom==une salle de bains
a garden==un jardin
my bedroom==ma chambre
my parents' bedroom==la chambre de mes parents
on the ground floor==au rez-de-chaussée
on the first floor==au premier étage

That really is all there is to it. When you click the textivate now button, the above data will be transformed into a range of interactive exercises.

Try it.

Copy the above text, go to the textivate website, click the 'new' button, and paste the text into the "Show all" textbox.

(Then let me know how easy it was :0)

N.B. We highly recommend putting the L1 on the left and the L2 (target language) on the right, as this means that the more difficult text entry activities require the student to type in the target word or structure rather than an English translation.

See this video, which shows how it's done: