Team Challenges: how to get individual student scores (and see behind scoreboard aliases)

This simple tutorial looks at a new feature (as of 18th August 2018) which allows you to access individual student scores in team challenges.

How to set this up:

  1. Create a Challenge in the usual way. (See this introduction to Challenges)

  2. You can add your own team names if you like. (Optional. This certainly makes it less likely that students will make a mistake typing in the team name. That said, they also have the option to copy a team name from the scoreboard...). (See image below for how to specify team names.)

  3. Make your Challenge require a password. THIS IS IMPORTANT. This feature will only be available if you have required students to log in with a password. (See image below for how to require a password.)

  4. Further to step 3 above, the students must log in using individual log-ins (NOT the shared student password). See this on how to set up your classes with individual log-ins.

How to see individual scores:

If you follow all of the above steps, and provided you are logged in as the teacher owner of the Challenge, you will see team scores on the scoreboard as usual, but with a + that you can click to view individual scores. See the image below. Once clicked, the names are revealed, as shown in the image at the top of this post.

Other benefits?

Even if you don't intend for your Challenge to be completed in teams, there is another benefit to requiring a password for your Challenge, provided that students have individual log-ins:

You'll see this expandable + in all scoreboards where challenges have been set up in this way, allowing you to click and see which of your students is behind whatever bizarre scorebaord alias they have chosen for themselves. (A good way of stopping students who are using this as an opportunity to be rude or offensive...)