How to make TEXT + MATCHING exercises in one TEXTIVATE resource.

How to make TEXT + MATCHING exercises in one TEXTIVATE resource (such as the resource shown in the above image).

1. Click on the 'new' button to clear the textboxes on the textivate front page.

2. First, add your text. Click on the "Text" tab and type or paste a text of up to 500 words. Can be multiple paragraphs.

3. The click the "Match" tab and add your matching items. These should appear as one matching pair per line, with matching items separated by == (use tab or enter to automatically add == or a line return).

That's it.

Here's an example of what the text would look like in the "Show all" text box before you press the 'textivate now' button:

Cuando voy al colegio llevo pantalones negros, una camisa blanca y un jersey rojo. Llevo también unos zapatos negros y unos calcetines grises. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué llevas cuando vas al colegio?
when I go to school==cuando voy al colegio
I wear==llevo
black trousers==pantalones negros
a white shirt==una camisa blanca
a red pullover==un jersey rojo
I also wear==llevo también
some black shoes==unos zapatos negros
some grey socks==unos calcetines grises
what about you?==¿y tú?
what do you wear?==¿qué llevas?
when you go to school==cuando vas al colegio
I go==voy
you go==vas
you wear==llevas 

That really is all there is to it. When you click the textivate now button, the above data will be transformed into a range of interactive exercises, some based on the short text, others based on the matching items.

Try it.

Copy the above text, go to the textivate website, click the 'new' button, and paste the text into the "Show all" textbox. Then click on "Textivate now" to see all the activities that have been generated!

You'll need a log-in to get any further than that (i.e. to see the activities themselves).

If you don't have a log-in, you can access the many activities via this link:

See this video which demonstrates how to create a new resource with text and matching items.