Dictée for homework?

Using a combination of embedded video or embedded audio and a single activity textivate sequence, it's easy to create a dictation activity on textivate that your students can complete for homework. (Records their score and time taken too.)

See this French example based on Prévert's "Déjeuner du matin":
(Close the log-in box to have a go at the activity)

Here is the same activity embedded. Close the log-in box to have a go at it. Then click on the video icon to open the activity with the video embedded, so that you can listen to the audio.

You could also make easier dictées based on typing in just the vowels, or just the consonants, or where the first letter is provided, or where each word is an anagram.

UPDATE: Text-to-speech

Note that a similar sort of activity can also be achieved using textivate's text-to-speech feature. See the screen shot below, which includes an English parallel translation of the poem as well as TTS buttons for each line of the text, turning the activity into a combined translation / dictation activity. CLICK HERE to open this activity sequence (close the log-in box to attempt the activity).

NB. Textivate sequences require a Premium or Group subscription.