Students learning speaking assessments

If you have a textivate Premium or Group subscription, your students get a shared student password which enables them to:

  1. Browse the public resources on textivate.
  2. Modify existing resources and do activities "on the fly".
  3. Create their own activities "on the fly".
  4. Save their own texts in local storage for access on the same device (or on the same user profile if on a school network).
  5. Copy and paste their resources between textivate and other text storage such as word docs, txt files or email messages.

Enhancing "on the fly" resources with extra features

In addition to a text or a list of matching items, students can also add...

  1. A parallel text (containing a translation of the text in English, or containing notes as prompts to reproduce the parallel text)
  2. Text-to-speech! -- with all of the usual caveats regarding the accuracy of text-to-speech, it can be really useful in helping students to learn the correct pronunciation.
  3. A parallel audio or video.

With regard to speaking controlled assessments this means that students can add notes and audio / TTS (text-to-speech) to their practice text, and it's dead easy to do.

Here's what you have to do:

Dictée for homework?

Using a combination of embedded video or embedded audio and a single activity textivate sequence, it's easy to create a dictation activity on textivate that your students can complete for homework. (Records their score and time taken too.)

See this French example based on Prévert's "Déjeuner du matin":
(Close the log-in box to have a go at the activity)

Here is the same activity embedded. Close the log-in box to have a go at it. Then click on the video icon to open the activity with the video embedded, so that you can listen to the audio.

En la cafetería (embedded resources)

This text was put together as part of a Spanish unit of work which included food and drink, ice-cream flavours, euros, dialogues, pictures, sounds etc and which was combined into a free TaskMagic standalone program (for Windows).

This program contains over 250 interactive exercises and over 60 worksheets, and it can be downloaded completely free from this page on the TaskMagic blog: (lots more info about the resource there too).

The text used for this blog is from 1 of the 16 files that make up that TaskMagic resource. (I've added some vocab matching as well, most of which is from the Find it! exercise for the TaskMagic Mix&Gap file).