Multiple-word gaps

You know that if you click on the blue screen icon with the number 2 on it on the textivate edit screen, you can create a user-defined gap-fill where you choose the words that are gapped? Right?

Well... we've now added a bit more functionality.

You can now combine 2 or more words into a single gap! To do this, first make 2 (or more) consecutive words gapped by clicking on them so that they are underlined. You'll see a faint + symbol appear between the consecutively gapped words. Click on the + symbol to join / unjoin the gapped words.

Words combined into one gap appear on the textivate edit screen as joined with an underscore _ .

e.g. Je [#]me_suis_levé à huit heures.

The [#] symbol shows a gapped word or group of words and the _ symbol shows the joined words. You can type these in manually on the textivate edit screen if you prefer.

Here's an embedded example:

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And a worksheet: