You didn't know there was worksheet printing on textivate...?

"Print" buttons are available on many textivate screens. These buttons will only work if you are a textivate subscriber and you are logged in to textivate.

Worksheet printing is available for text activities and for matching activities.

1) Worksheets / print-outs based on a text:

The video below gives you a quick idea of the kinds of worksheets you can print based on any text in textivate.

Sharing and embedding textivate activities

All resources which have been uploaded to textivate as shareable or public resources have their own unique URL (i.e. web address). This means that you can share them with others using this URL.

You can share links to resources that you have uploaded (as shareable or public), or to resources that you come across while browsing the public resources on textivate (accessible via the spyglass icon).

To get the URL for your resource (or for a particular activity), make sure it is uploaded as a public or shareable resource, then click the share icon at the top right of the page. Also note that the share icon will not be visible if you have made changes to your resources and you have not saved the changes.

This provides options for copying the resource / activity url as well as for sharing via twitter or facebook.

Not seeing a share icon?

If you are not seeing a share icon above your resource, check the following:

  • You need to be logged in. (And you need to have Premium or Group subscription.)
  • Your resource needs to have been uploaded (using the "upload" icon -- the up-arrow in the cloud, below the text box on the textivate home page) as either a Public or Shareable resource. (Private resources can't be shared.)
  • If you have made any changes at all to the resource after uploading, you won't see a share icon. In its place, on the home screen, you will see a "save changes" icon (looks like an old floppy disk icon). Click this to save changes to your resource. Once changes have been saved, the share icon will re-appear on all screens.

NB. You need a Premium or Group subscription in order to upload shareable or public resources to textivate.

Textivate share options...

There are several share options in textivate:

Fill-in-the-letters worksheets - new in textivate.

Subscribers can now access "Print worksheet" buttons from another 5 textivate text screens, bringing the total to 23.

It took no time at all to implement these worksheets for use with Chrome, Firefox and Safari (haven't tried with Opera) but we've spent a frustrating day trying to get them to display properly on IE7, 8 & 9 (haven't tried 10), but to no avail.

Our advice, honestly, is to use Google Chrome for all worksheet printing. It even has a built in "Save as PDF" option, which is a great way of saving a worksheet so that you