En la cafetería (embedded resources)

This text was put together as part of a Spanish unit of work which included food and drink, ice-cream flavours, euros, dialogues, pictures, sounds etc and which was combined into a free TaskMagic standalone program (for Windows).

This program contains over 250 interactive exercises and over 60 worksheets, and it can be downloaded completely free from this page on the TaskMagic blog: http://taskmagic.posthaven.com/taskmagic3-spanish-sample-unit-en-la-cafeteri (lots more info about the resource there too).

The text used for this blog is from 1 of the 16 files that make up that TaskMagic resource. (I've added some vocab matching as well, most of which is from the Find it! exercise for the TaskMagic Mix&Gap file).

Pobre Ana (Blaine Ray's TPRS Spanish story) Chapter 1, part 1 of 5

If you're a TPRS teacher and you've been presenting and practising stories in preparation for the reading of chapter 1 of Pobre Ana, hopefully you'll find this blog post useful.

I just want to show how easy it is to create a range of practice activities based precisely on the language that you want to focus on, using textivate.

To create the resources on this blog post, I typed in the text from the book and added some English to Spanish matching items. (NB: I split chapter 1 of Pobre Ana into 5 parts, and the resources in this post are just based on the first part.)

Using textivate to present and practise a model, before adapting...

N.B. You'll need a Premium or Group subscription if you want your students to be able to create textivate activities based on their own texts or on modified texts.

This seems an obvious use of textivate to me...

Choose a short example text containing key vocab and structures, such as this one, on the subject of "Ma maison" / "Chez moi" for KS3 French:

J'habite une petite maison dans un village à la campagne.
Chez moi il y a six pièces en tout.
Au rez-de-chaussée il y a une cuisine, un grand salon et une salle de bains. Il n'y a pas de salle à manger chez moi.
Au premier étage il y a trois chambres.
Dehors il y a un grand jardin avec beaucoup d'arbres. Il y a aussi un garage.
J'aime bien ma maison parce que j'aime le jardin, et j'adore habiter à la campagne.

Add a glossary of key vocab terms, so that students can understand the text, and add a few extra things that students might want to be able to use to describe their own situation, and you end up with this combination of text + vocab matching activities: 


The above link provides access to all activities. You have up to 60 interactive activities to choose from!

Depending on how much work you've already done on the topic, you could start with either the text work or the vocab work. Whichever way you play it, the lesson essentially has 2 parts: 

Dos gardenias para ti... (song)

A couple of embedded exercises based on a Buena Vista Social Club song.

Each embedded exercise has a link to the video / audio, which you can access using the "video" icon that appears at the top right of each activity once you open it. Click this video icon to open the activity in a new tab with the video included.

Sharing a text (without a subscription to textivate)

Sorry, it can't be done...

(There used to be a post here explaining how this could be done, but it's no longer possible. Instead, this post now explains how you can share a text with your students without uploading it to textivate, provided you have a Premium or Group subscription and your students are logged in using the student log-in. See below...)


This post contains lots of video tutorials demonstrating how to use various aspects of textivate.

All of the videos deal with aspects of textivate that require you to be logged in. The first section deals with aspects of textivate that apply to both teacher and student log-ins. The second section (including worksheets) deals with aspects of textivate which require a teacher log-in.

Note that the videos are WITHOUT audio (so you'll have to watch carefully ;-)

(Note also that some of the buttons, icons, functionality, features have changed since some of these videos were made.)

See the textivate user guides on this blog for lots of up-to-date help with all aspects of using textivate.

(If you have any requests for aspects of textivate that you'd like us to show, please let us know.)

How to make TEXT + MATCHING exercises in one TEXTIVATE resource.

How to make TEXT + MATCHING exercises in one TEXTIVATE resource (such as the resource shown in the above image).

1. Click on the 'new' button to clear the textboxes on the textivate front page.

2. First, add your text. Click on the "Text" tab and type or paste a text of up to 500 words. Can be multiple paragraphs.

3. The click the "Match" tab and add your matching items. These should appear as one matching pair per line, with matching items separated by == (use tab or enter to automatically add == or a line return).

That's it.

Here's an example of what the text would look like in the "Show all" text box before you press the 'textivate now' button:

Cuando voy al colegio llevo pantalones negros, una camisa blanca y un jersey rojo. Llevo también unos zapatos negros y unos calcetines grises. ¿Y tú? ¿Qué llevas cuando vas al colegio?
when I go to school==cuando voy al colegio
I wear==llevo
black trousers==pantalones negros
a white shirt==una camisa blanca
a red pullover==un jersey rojo
I also wear==llevo también
some black shoes==unos zapatos negros
some grey socks==unos calcetines grises
what about you?==¿y tú?
what do you wear?==¿qué llevas?
when you go to school==cuando vas al colegio
I go==voy
you go==vas
you wear==llevas 

That really is all there is to it. When you click the textivate now button, the above data will be transformed into a range of interactive exercises, some based on the short text, others based on the matching items.

Try it.

Copy the above text, go to the textivate website, click the 'new' button, and paste the text into the "Show all" textbox. Then click on "Textivate now" to see all the activities that have been generated!

You'll need a log-in to get any further than that (i.e. to see the activities themselves).

If you don't have a log-in, you can access the many activities via this link: http://www.textivate.com/menu-owljn1

See this video which demonstrates how to create a new resource with text and matching items.