Adding accented characters to textivate...

OK, so there is no textivate-specific way to add accented characters or special characters to textivate.

Note that most textivate exercises DO NOT require the student to type in accented characters. The only exception to this is the Gap-fill (and user-defined Gap-fill) activity, and only when no word list is provided. 

But as a teacher creating your own resources, you will want to make sure that all the special characters are included in your resource.

Tabs on textivate

We've added 5 tabs to textivate, as shown above.

The idea behind this is to make it simpler, so that users no longer need to type all of their bizarrely formatted text into a single text box, taking care to put everything in the correct order. You can now add your data via the first 4 tabs -- Text, Match, Extras, Sequence -- and textivate automatically combines it into the "Show all" tab.

The "Show all" tab is the equivalent of the old-style textivate textbox. It is also the default open tab when you land on the index page.

Let's run through the 5 tabs in the order in which they appear, left to right:

Is the term "Computer Assisted Language Learning" (CALL) obsolete?

In the article on the link below Krashen and Jarvis suggest that the term CALL is obsolete because it focuses on conscious learning, whereas most students use technology to access online resources un-related to conscious language learning and acquire language as a by-product of their browsing. Have a read of it. It's only short - 5 pages - won't take up much of your time.

Jarvis, H. & Krashen, S. 2014. Is CALL obsolete? Language Acquisition and Language Learning Revisited in a Digital Age. TESL-EJ 17(4).

The 2 results in the above paper are: