Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? (gap-fill example)

Here's another example of embedding a textivity on a blog. This gap-fill exercise is based on Shakespeare's sonnet XVIII.

The gap-fill exercise is accessed via this button on the textivate menu screen:

Note that if you click on the "" image at the top left of the exercise, you'll be directed to the textivate front page. From there, you can access lots more exercises based on this and other texts.

Embedding textivate exercises

You can embed any public or shareable textivity on your own website, blog etc, just as I have done below.

If you open a text via the text browser, or via a direct hyperlink, or if you upload your own text, you will see a "share" button at the top right of all pages featuring that text. If you click this "share" button, you can copy the embed code into the html of your webpage or blog.

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