GAPFILL: I scored more than the target, so why can't I proceed to the next activity?

This blog post relates to SEQUENCES (assignments based on one or more activities, which can each have a pass mark).

I get a lot of people contacting me about this sort of issue in relation to the gapfill activity: a student has scored more than the target grade, so why won't it let them move on? 

Here are a couple of reasons why this happens...

Textivate says my score is too low, even though it's higher than the target. (Or is it...?)

"Textivate keeps asking me to do a sequence activity again because my score was too low, even though it was higher than the target..."

I get this sort of query a lot. Look at the image and you can see where the confusion arises: the student is told that the score is too low, because they only got 83%, and the target is 81%. But all isn't quite as it seems...

What is happening here is the following: textivate reduces the target score by 10% each time the student fails to reach the target score. This is so as to avoid a situation where a student is unable to pass an activity because of one little mistake.

It's actually there to help the student!! Without it, he would have to keep on trying until he got the initial target for that activity (which could be anywhere from 50% to 100%, depending on how it was set up by the teacher).

In the example in the image, the initial target was 90%. The student failed to meet the target, as he only got 83%. The target was then reduced by 10% to 81% for the next try. (If he failed to meet this target, it would be reduced again by 10%, this time to 73%, etc, etc.)

I hope this helps explain what's going on when you see this sort of thing. Remember, it's actually there to help the student.

And besides, more practice = more repetitions = better learning / acquisition :o)