GAPFILL: I scored more than the target, so why can't I proceed to the next activity?

This blog post relates to SEQUENCES (assignments based on one or more activities, which can each have a pass mark).

I get a lot of people contacting me about this sort of issue in relation to the gapfill activity: a student has scored more than the target grade, so why won't it let them move on? 

Here are a couple of reasons why this happens...

There's more below...

In the image above, the student appears to have scored 100%, but the exercise isn't finished! Only 5 of 18 gaps have been filled in (as we can see from the data in the bottom left of the screen). Often a student doesn't realise that they need to scroll to get the rest of the activity (especially on a touch device, where there is no scrollbar visible...).

It isn't finished until it's all correct...

A student may have been told that the target for this activity is 80%, yet even though they've answered all the questions this time, AND their score is well over that 80% target, they are not being given the option to move on!

What's happening?

Gapfill is no different to any other activity on textivate, in that it isn't properly finished until you've made sure all of the gaps are correct.

Think about it. With a Tiles activity such as this one... wouldn't question the idea that you need to keep going until you've made it all correct.

Yet with gapfill, it's different. It's the only activity type on textivate that causes this confusion, even though it works in exactly the same way as all the other activities.

One reason for this, I guess, could be that students are used to seeing this type of exercise in all sorts of subjects and non-textivate scenarios, and they are used to the idea that doing this exercise essentially means: fill in the gaps and see what score you got.

With textivate, they simply need to remember that if there are any wrong gaps in their gapfill, they need to keep going until they've got it all correct. (Until, in the case of the gapfill example used here, it says 18/18 in the bottom left corner.)

Then they can see what score they got.

And if it's above the pass mark, they can move on to the next activity in the sequence :)