Exploiting texts

This is a step-by-step user-guide which demonstrates how simple it is to exploit a text with textivate.

Each of the steps below has an ">>> our resource so far" link at the bottom. Simply click this to see what the textivate resource would look like if you followed the instructions in each step. 

Note that many of the steps are optional: a text-based resource is in fact ready to be used after step 2. (It just needs to be uploaded, which isn't mentioned in this post). The optional extras (steps 4+) add all sorts of extra features to your text resource, such as vocab activities, text-to-speech, parallel text, etc.

1. Create a new resource

Click on the New Resource icon to clear the contents of all of the text boxes before you start.

Got TaskMagic3? You'll like this...

With the most recent version of TaskMagic3 (3.2.8 - update available here for those with earlier versions of TM3) you can now copy the content of many of your TaskMagic files straight to textivate!

All you need to do is select the file in the TaskMagicCreate File Viewer (the grey box at bottom right of opening screen), and the content is copied to your clipboard, pre-formatted ready to paste into textivate.

See this video:

This works for the following types of TaskMagic3 files:

  • TextMatch (limit of 200 matching items)
  • GridMatch (converts your grid data to matching items)
  • Mix&Gap - also copies your "Gap-fill" gaps (the original version) to be used as the user-defined gap-fill in textivate; also copies any "Find it!" data as matching items to accompany the text.
  • Dialogues - also copies any "Find it!" data as matching items to accompany the dialogue.

These file types are those based on text only. (For the other file types, the matching data is copied across, but the name of the image or sound file is copied rather than the file itself.)

This is a really quick and easy way of re-using your TaskMagic resources in textivate. 

Watch the video above to see just how easy it is >> Just click the file, then paste into textivate.