Adding images to Textivate from Google Drive

Those familiar with textivate's more advanced features will be aware that you can set up image-based matching activities which match images with text items. They will also be aware that the images have to be hosted elsewhere (i.e. there's no facility to upload them to textivate...)

Until recently, our blog post / user-guide on adding images only listed 2 options for image hosting: IMGUR and DropBox.

Google Drive was never listed as an option because the share link that you typically get for files hosted on Google Drive is a link to a page containing the file rather than to the file itself. But I recently discovered (thanks to Dwight Hensler, of Haven of Peace Academy, Tanzania) that there is a way of getting a direct file link. Here's how...

1. Right-click the image in Google Drive and click on "Get link" (see below)

Comment vas-tu à l'école? (French resources based on openclipart...)

A resource blog-post, for a change...

The images in this textivate resource are direct links to images on the openclipart website,

The 26 activities below are in the same order and format as many of the image+text matching resources on the KS3 French section of textivate plus (for textivate subscribers) at

NB: Scroll down to below the interactive activities for some pdf worksheets based on this resource.

The embedded resources below can be accessed by anyone (with or without a subscription):