What's new in Textivate?

Well, there's a new version for a start :)

It's called TextActivities, and it is essentially Textivate 2.0, but with so many changes from the original that we had no option but to launch it as a totally separate website.

Those familiar with Textivate will recognise in TextActivities many of the activities and pedagogical features of Textivate, but delivered in a completely different way, with a totally new interface, a completely different approach to classes, school management, resource creation, student logins and assignments, and hopefully a much more intuitive work flow.

While our hope is that current Textivate users will value the many improvements and will want to migrate to TextActivities, the original Textivate will remain in place (although it is unlikely to be developed further).

Subscribers to TextActivities can import their Textivate resources onto the new platform one by one, as and when needed, even after their Textivate subscription has expired.

See this post on the TextActivities blog for a comprehensive list of the differences between TextActivities and Textivate.

Read on for a list of previous Textivate updates...

Textivate updates...

Lots of updates today, which mostly affect the text input screens: anagrams, no letters, initials, 5050, no vowels, no consonants (and their match equivalents). 

The text versions of these screens now have on-screen letter buttons / keyboard (see above), which can be used with a touch screen, or clicked with a mouse, or used on an interactive whiteboard. BUT you can also type using your device keyboard if you're on a desktop or laptop computer. AND if you're using an ipad, ipod touch or iphone, you just need to click the word to make your device keyboard appear.