Textivate Resource Management: An Overview

(Note that this user guide will not deal with the specifics of creating resources, as there are plenty of other user guides for those sorts of things. This one is more about the mechanics of the functionality of the Textivate home page.)

Textivate is like a text editor that is used to generate interactive resources. Imagine that it's being used to create files, just like a desktop version of Word or something like that.

Making text-based resources in textivate.

Textivate takes any text that you type (or paste) into the textivate textbox and turns it into multiple interactive activities (and worksheets).

Here's what you do.

1. Go to the textivate home pagewww.textivate.com

Follow the above link or type the url into a web browser.

You can get to the home page from any of the textivate screens by clicking on the "textivate" icon that appears at the top left of the screen. From the menu screen you can also click on the "Back to textivate home page" button.

2. Empty the text box.

When you arrive on the homepage, you may see a default "Welcome to textivate..." text, or another text (depending on whether or not you've been there before). To make your own resource, you need to clear this text first.