How to submit work at the end of a textivate homework sequence

This post explains how to submit your work at the end of a textivate sequence.

(This post relates to textivate sequences, available to users with Premium or Group subscriptions, where students submit their work using the teacher's username plus the shared student password.)

At the end of an activity sequence, exactly what happens (and in what order) depends on whether or not you are already logged in to textivate, and whether or not you are using the shared student password or an individual student password.

Individual student password

Logging in

If you have an individual student password, you should log in as soon as you arrive on a sequence page (if you haven't already).

Log in using your teacher's username, plus your individual student password, which you should type into the "Student password" field, leaving the "Password" field empty, as shown below.

Updating progress

Each time you finish an activity, your progress in the sequence is uploaded to our servers (even if you don't complete the activity successfully). Once your progress has been updated, it is safe to click on the "next" button (or "restart" if you need to do the activity again).

Keep doing this until you have completed all the activities.

Unfinished sequences

If you are unable to finish the sequence in one session (in class, for example), as long as you are logged in using your individual student password, you will be able to pick up the sequence again on a different device.

You should finish the activity that you are on, allow the progress to be updated, and then LOG OUT.

Resuming a sequence on a different device

Use the sequence url provided by your teacher. As soon as you arrive at the sequence page or first activity, LOG IN using your individual student password. This will download from our servers any progress you have made on a particular sequence and move you on to the next un-completed activity.

Using individual student passwords makes the whole process work much better, and it is so easy for teachers to set up passwords for students. See this blog post for more information.

Shared student password

N.B. You should avoid using the shared student password if at all possible. Set up classes of students and assign them their own passwords as described on this blog post. But if you are still using the shared student password, please read on...


If you are not logged in to textivate, you will see this screen:

You should click on the link. Then you will see this screen:

Fill in the teacher's username and the student password, and then click "Submit log in data". You are now logged in as a student. See below.

If you are logged in as a student, you will see this screen:

Fill in your name, your group (this is optional - you can leave it empty) and click "Submit". You should then see this message:

That's it. Your work has been submitted.

What if I close the first notification box? What can I do?

Don't panic! You can get the box back by clicking the rosette icon at the top of the screen:

You can also log in or out using the "log in" / "log out" icons at the top of the screen, then click the rosette to get the box that allows you to submit your data.

Just make sure you don't leave the page if you want to submit your work... (If you do this, you'll have to start the sequence again!!)

What if I don't get any of the above notifications?

This will be because you are already logged in, but not as a student.

If you are logged in as a teacher (maybe you are testing how the sequence works...?) you will just see a message that you have completed the sequence. If you want to test out the work submission thing, here's what you shoud do:

  1. Close the "All activities completed" notification.
  2. Click "Log out" at the top of the screen.
  3. Then click "Log in" and enter the username and student password (remember, you can only submit work if logged in as a student).
  4. Click the rosette icon, enter your name, and Submit.

Hope all of this helps. Please contact us via the textivate website if you have any question, doubts etc.

See this video, too:

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J'habite une petite maison dans un village à la campagne.
Chez moi il y a six pièces en tout.
Au rez-de-chaussée il y a une cuisine, un grand salon et une salle de bains. Il n'y a pas de salle à manger chez moi.
Au premier étage il y a trois chambres.
Dehors il y a un grand jardin avec beaucoup d'arbres. Il y a aussi un garage.
J'aime bien ma maison parce que j'aime le jardin, et j'adore habiter à la campagne.

...and the following vocab items:

1. on the first floor = au premier étage
2. there is / there are = il y a
3. at my house / at my place = chez moi
4. in total = en tout
5. in the countryside = à la campagne
6. in a village = dans un village
7. on the ground floor = au rez-de-chaussée
8. there isn't (a) / there aren't (any) = il n'y a pas (de)
9. because = parce que
10. also = aussi
11. outside = dehors
12. I really like = j'aime bien
13. I love = j'adore
14. I love living = j'adore habiter
15. with = avec
16. a lot (of) = beaucoup (de)
17. a bedroom = une chambre
18. a house = une maison
19. a room = une pièce
20. a kitchen = une cuisine
21. a dining room = une salle à manger
22. a bathroom = une salle de bains
23. a garden = un jardin
24. a garage = un garage
25. a tree = un arbre