Scaffolding output based on comprehensible input

This is an output activity that can be used by comprehensible input teachers, no? (See my reasoning below if you're not convinced)

(NB: It's based on chapter 1 of "Brandon Brown veut un chien", which I added to textivate a while back with permission from Carol Gaab.)

Here you have:

  • English text to refer to so that meaning is clear
  • First letter of each word provided
  • Option to just gap every 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th word to make the activity easier (and to increase the input)
  • An activity which, if used after the students have read the text, provides a template for retelling the story correctly
  • Something which DOES NOT HAVE TO BE TYPED - you can use the combination of the English translation and the initial letters as a basis for students re-telling (re-building) the text ORALLY in class.
  • Linked to the above point, you as the teacher can type in the text as students read it out (re-tell it orally), confirming the spellings etc so that they can see the text appear as they speak, or you can help them with tricky bits by typing in the letters.

What do you think?