Configuring match resources based on sentence halves

The key thing to remember when making matching resources based on matching sentence halves is that the matches should be exclusive - i.e. you should make sure that there is only one sentence end that could possibly go with each sentence starter. It's no good making a resource based on the following data:

Je fais partie d'un club >> de foot
Je fais partie d'un club >> de tennis
Je fais partie d'un club >> de rugby

...because any of the ends can match perfectly well with any of the starters.

Instead, you need to do this sort of thing:

Je fais partie d'un club de >> foot
Je fais partie d'un club >> de tennis
Je fais partie d'un >> club de rugby
etc. that each match is exclusive.

The screen image above shows a textivate Match resource which has the following characteristics:

  • The matching items are all in L2...
    ...with the first half of the sentence on the left and the second half on the right.
  • No text-to-speech
    Since for most activities TTS would only apply to either the first part or the second part of each match, it's best not to use it at all.
  • Several mostly production focused activities have been removed
    Flashcards, because it would essentially end up as a guessing game for this sort of content;
    All of the memory activities, for the same reason;
    All of the "letters" activities, for the same reason, and because our focus here is on matching the 2 halves, not filling in the last half;
    Hangman, because it doesn't present the first half of the match, so it wouldn't make sense with this content;
    Snake, because I think it's too difficult with this content... (Having said that, I've left in Maze and Invaders because I feel they are more do-able and the letter clues help students to complete the phrases -- best attempted later on in the learning sequence).
    See this blog post about excluding particular activities from the textivate menu.
    The image below shows the activities which have been excluded (via the "Extras" tab):

Here is a link to the resource shown above: >>> French: Je fais partie... <<<

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