Comment tu vas à l'école?

This post demonstrates a textivate resource based on a short text AND matching items.

The text contains all parts of "aller" in the present tense.

The matching items are based on the parts of "aller" as well as other vocab from the text, matching English to French.

The post features 8 embedded activities based on the one resource. (The resource actually has around 60 activities to choose from).

NB. To see the complete resource, open one of the activities below, then click on the "" link at the top left of the activity. This will take you to the textivate home page, and the text that you see inside the text box is the full text for this resource.

Les punitions de Bart

I had the text for this resource in a TaskMagic3 file. I'm not sure where it came from originally, but it's probably from one of several sites that list all of Bart's "lines" as they appear on the blackboard at the beginning of The Simpsons in French. e.g.

It's a great resource for focusing on negative structures, as well as for future tense practice (along with revision of other tenses).

Here is the resource on textivate: with a parallel text.

It has the text of 18 "punitions" plus translations below. (About 60 activities in total).

It's dead easy to create similar resources in minutes with textivate.

I've included some of the worksheets below, printed straight from the textivate screens:
(See this blog post on worksheet printing with textivate)