The Space Game

A simple team game, played ideally with a fairly short text.

In the example here (see image above and live example below) I have chosen to affect 1 in 3 spaces in the text (i.e. 2 in 3 spaces between words are already present) and students have 48 more spaces to find.

Divide the class into 2 teams and select a member from each team in turn to play.

The rules:

  • Students from each team take turns to click up to 3 (or 5?) times. The idea is that they can choose how many times to click, up to the agreed maximum.
  • They can click at any point in the text (i.e. it doesn't have to be word by word.)
  • They score a point per correct click, but an incorrect click ends their team's turn and means 0 points for that turn.
  • The team that clicks the last remaining space and finishes the activity gets an additional 10 points.

Here is a live example:

Click below to access the activity. (Opens in a new window on touch devices.)
Click here to open the above activity in a new window.

Try it and let me know how it goes :0)