Textivate updates...

Lots of updates today, which mostly affect the text input screens: anagrams, no letters, initials, 5050, no vowels, no consonants (and their match equivalents). 

The text versions of these screens now have on-screen letter buttons / keyboard (see above), which can be used with a touch screen, or clicked with a mouse, or used on an interactive whiteboard. BUT you can also type using your device keyboard if you're on a desktop or laptop computer. AND if you're using an ipad, ipod touch or iphone, you just need to click the word to make your device keyboard appear.

The match versions of these screens now have matching items appearing one by one (see example above), rather than showing the complete list. The keyboard works in the same way as for the text version.

These updates should make textivate MUCH more useable with smart phones. (Before the text was way too small, and the device keyboard didn't work for most devices...).

Most of these screens also allow you to access the "traditional" view (i.e. the way it's been until now) so that you can see the text without the keyboard buttons, or you can access the entire list of matching items in one go. (This is NOT available on mobiles and small screen devices).

Here's an embedded exercise so you can try it out:

Click below to access the activity. (Opens in a new window on touch devices.)
Click here to open the above activity in a new window.