"La tomatina" (embedded video + embedded Spanish gap-fill)

This blog post features a video from RTVE showing some footage from today's "Tomatina" festival in Buñol (Comunidad Valenciana). The video has no commentary, but sets the scene nicely for the text / exercise which follows, which is a gapfill exercise based on a text about the history of "La tomatina" taken from the official tomatina website at http://www.latomatina.es/historia/

The Tomatina festival takes place each year on the last Wednesday in August. Watch the video below of this year's Tomatina, which took place on Wednesday 29th of August, and then have a look at the exercise beneath it based on a text describing the origins of "La Tomatina".

La Tomatina de Buñol congrega a miles de jóvenes

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La Tomatina de Buol congrega a miles de jvenes

Here is the exercise:

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You can click on "Show words" / "Hide words" at any point without affecting the gaps in the exercise.

Here's a pdf worksheet based on the above: