Mes vacances (combining embedded video and embedded textivate exercise)

This post contains an example of combining embedded video from youtube with an embedded textivate exercise.

The video is a song about "Mes vacances" by Tom Poisson, which I've already blogged about on the TaskMagic blog:

The activity shown below is the "Next Word" activity, which can be accessed via this button on the textivate menu screen:

Here is the video / audio:

And here is the exercise (note that you can click on the video icon to open the activity in a new window along with the video):

Click below to access the activity. (Opens in a new window on touch devices.)
Click here to open the above activity in a new window.

The object of this exercise is to click the words in the correct order to re-construct the original text. You have a choice of 10 options for each click. You'll notice that there is a +word button at the bottom right of the activity - this allows you to increase the number of words per chunk of text, up to a maximum of 3. So you can rebuild the text 1 word, 2 words, or 3 words at a time.

The numbers on the left tell you how many correct clicks you have made and how many clicks there are to make in total. So 0/95 means that you have completed 0 out of 95 clicks required to complete the exercise.

Once you start clicking, you'll also see a percentage score, which tells you what percentage of you clicks so far have been correct.

Hope you find this useful. You could try it yourself with other songs and lyrics.