Anagrams worksheets on textivate

We've recently added a "Print Worksheet" button to the Anagrams screen (text, not vocab) on textivate.

These buttons only work when you are logged in to textivate (so you need to be a subscriber).

Here is a quick video (no audio, less than a minute) showing just how easy it is to do:

Here are some examples:

1. Chez moi - every 2nd word scrambled.

2. Chez moi - every word scrambled.

3. Perfect day - one in three words scrambled.

4. Perfect day - every word scrambled.

Dead easy to do.

You don't need to upload a text to print out a worksheet. You can type or paste something in "on the fly" or use one of the many public resources on textivate.

(But you DO need to be a subscriber if you want to print worksheets)